I am an ex football player and track runner but I was always the skinny kid. I hated being teased about my weight, so when I turned fourteen I asked my father for a weight set and I began pumpingiron. I never had any problems with being over weight in my younger years. I had problems with gaining weight, so I began to work out even after practice and desired to pack on lean muscle. I did the same routine one-hour daily for a year and saw little to no results. Once I made it to high school, I started to watch the bigger guys pump iron in the weight room and the smaller guys like my self do a lot of running and no lifting.

I decided to change what I listened to. I watched and learned from them and started to read muscle magazines; I went from six foot three one hundred and fifty pounds soaking wet to one seventy-five in a matter of three months. This pushed me to become a better athlete and harder worker on the football field. I took my career to the level of arena football. After my football career was over, I began to focus on the human body and how to make major changes to my physical make up. I went to the cooper institute in Dallas and got my PTI 1 personal training certification and took my experience to the next level. I teamed with Frank from Arlington MMA and started my business of one on one personal training. I have trained for adventure boot camp for several years as well as different athletic camps nationally known. This pushed me to become the well-rounded trainer I am today. I founded KRB fitness, and I believe in one very important motto it may hurt some but the results in the end are so gratifying “No pain, no Change”.

K.R.B Fitness.com

Kelly R. Burke fitness is a personal training and group training Fitness Company that focuses on the total transformation process of the human body. God designed the body so uniquely that with force, pain and pressure it can be transformed. A regular statured male can become one of the most successful body builders in the world. An average athlete with hard work, focus, weight training, and dedication to the sport of football can go from being Terrell Owens to T.O one of the hardest working wide receivers to play the game. This is our concept at KRB Fitness we want to transform not only your physical make up the body; we want to help mold your mind. If you believe it you can achieve it, of course it’s not going to happen over night. The great city of Rome was not built over night but with hard work dedication, education, nutrition and a personal trainer that cares about your total transforming needs you will get there. The FDA hides so many things in the food these days, it takes more than just a clean diet to stay in shape you need exercise, and supplements. You also need to have a work out regimen that’s designed to fit your body and life style. That’s where the trainer fits in your life. I have over ten years of athletic, sports, group and one on one training. With my skills and your dedication to my education and program you will reach your dream body. The mission: My goal is to educate and relate my fitness and athletic expertise into a training program that fits your needs. Whether you’re a high school athlete trying to get to that college level, or a recent mother that’s trying to shed some pounds from your recently born child. KRB Fitness can find a fit for you, taking the time out to figure out what a persons desires for their future fitness needs and goals are very important. This is what separates this company from just another personal training company. I care about my clients, I care about what you’re eating, drinking, sleeping habits are, and what’s going to be best for you. My mission is to see that I equip people with the tools to live a healthy, happy, and productive life and this all starts with the right fitness program.

Fitness Camp

Fitness Camp
Camp Kelly, out door fitness camp

Are you looking to get in shape in an out door group environment. Well, Camp Kelly is for you, whether you’re a stay at home mom or a busy dad, or an athlete looking to get that extra push Camp Kelly is just for you. Camp will include twelve to fifteen sessions a month in a group out door environment. Camp will include fitness assessment, personal camp goals, 3-8% reduction in body fat, overall weight loss, breathing techniques, body composition, measurements, arms legs, waist, hips, chest, nutrience guidance, and healthy eating tips. Camp will include a series off fun exercises including Core conditioning, short distance running (less than one mile), muscular strength, jumping rope, circuit training, hiking, fitness kick boxing, Pilates, sport drills, obstacle courses, stair training, athletic drills and more. What do I need for camp? Water bottle, yoga or Pilates mat, comfortable running shoes hand weights men 5 to 10lbs women 3 to 5lbs and small towel if desired. Camp starts Monday, June 4th, 2012 @6:15pm — 7pm three days a week Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. At the Ruth Ditto Elementary School Arlington Texas 3001 Qual Ln Arlington TX 6016 Price is $125.00 per camp covers full length of camp fitness assessment and one free camp Kelly t-shirt. Download the registration form and bring to camp first day of camp. Camp dues should be paid in full before attending camp.